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Don't Feel Guilty For...

Taking Care Of Yourself

You are allowed to look after yourself before looking after others! You are important. So. Choose YOU. Pick YOU. Love YOU and be unapologetic about it.

1. Doing what's best for you.

2. Standing up for yourself.

3. Declining a call.

4. Taking a break.

5. Unplugging to recharge.

6. Being unproductive.

Most recently I was faced with the daunting task of turning down a job offer from my employer to accept an offer that was more in line with MY career goals. While I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue work, I had to keep in mind what I wanted for myself and my daughter. I had to keep in mind all the hard work I put into the education I attained up until that point. Was I to throw all of that away because my boss wanted me to stay? Absolutely not. For the sake of not burning bridges I entertained the thought of staying; however, in the end I chose self-care. I picked ME.

My advice to you? Pick YOU. Take care of you. Take care of your body. Build your best body with Dom.

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